Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I'd like to say to my co-worker.

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My dad joined the I.B.E.W. (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Labor Union) when he was 19-years-old. He started at the beginning. Working his way up through the rankings, he earned several certifications in various trades within the Union. He has been able to travel to far and fascinating parts of the world and has met and worked with the most eclectic collection of people.

In my childhood there were people, famous and legendary people, I thought obtained experiences that I could never fathom knowing. But as I grew older, I learned my own father had more, and better, stories to tell than I could ever get from following the lives of the famous.

I grew up with the ideals of brotherhood and unions instilled in me. These ideals are in my blood. There are certain things I've been raised to understand. And I am grateful for those things; they make me a more humble and grateful person.

My co-worker, on the other hand, has been working for the I.B.E.W. for perhaps 7 years, but she is just an employee. She wasn't born into this industry. I certainly don't shun her for it, but I do wonder why she hasn't been more willing to learn the ideals. Or just plain be considerate. . .

With all that being said, I'd like to compile a list of things I want to say to her. And all of these things have come up directly as a result of behaviors of hers I have personally witnessed.

1. The members of this union pay your paycheck.

2. The next time you want rip someone a new one because they have 'tude on the phone, refer to reminder # 1.

3. The next time you cuss or hang up on a member of our union because they tell you they don't like your attitude, refer to reminder # 1.

4. The next time a member drives 2.5 hours to get to our office and sign the books, and you were planning on leaving earlier than our usual and official closing time of 5 PM, refer to reminder # 1.

5. The next time a member of our union gives you what you consider a "sob story," give him the benefit of the doubt, and refer to reminder # 1.

6. The next time someone doesn't understand what you're saying, don't TELL them they're not listening, help them by explaining it in a different way. . . and also, refer to reminder # 1.

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Magnifique la Vie! on February 20, 2009 at 7:44 PM said...

That is and was so wonderful. I love you for that and many other reasons.

Jon-Michael on March 3, 2009 at 7:27 PM said...

I also love you.


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