Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wanderlust.

Posted by revolutionaire. at 5:47 AM

Thanks to Leslie, I'm itching for it. I keep looking at her pictures (she's spending time in Hawaii right now and living it up) and I'm thinking, holy crap I need to be some place other than Ocala right now.

But I can't. It's not feasible yet. I literally just moved into a new place. My housemate and I are still living out of boxes. But I'm itching to travel. Itching for some kind of new experience. Does moving into my very first "own place" not count as a new experience? Why am I not satisfied?

The good news is Jon-Michael is taking me to a Phillies spring training game in Clearwater this month. That'll be a new experience -- and one I'm quite thrilled about having. I'm giddy over the idea that he and I will be laying (or sitting) on a blanket in the outfield (maybe with a bag full of snacks and drinks) watching the Phillies play in the beautiful Florida sun. I just hope it's warm that day.

About a week ago I mentioned to Jon-Michael that I needed to get to the beach to decompress. I needed to -- it was, and still is, imperative. So this month, when we go to the Phillies spring training game, we're going to also attempt to go to the beach in Clearwater. This was all his idea.

The truth of the matter is, this year isn't looking too good for me as far as new vacations go. I will be taking a few days off for Traci's wedding in July, then another two days off for Cassie and Isiac's wedding in New hampshire in August, and another couple days for Amanda and Dan's wedding in New Hampshire in September. That's roughly five or six of my ten vacation days already spent. Leaving me four or five to spend some other time . . .

I guess I could make a vacation out of four or five days if I planned it right. Four or five work days, plus a weekend, that's makes six or seven days if I arrange the days the right way. Hah! I can definitely make a vacation out of that.

Now, where to go. . .

Puerto Rico?

The Island of Enchantment. "... combining over 300 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, a large Tropical Rain forest, a Cave System millions of years old, Mountains, and a Dry Forest filled with Cactus ..."

There are pros to traveling to Puerto Rico. For starters, it's wicked cheap. Just for daydreaming, I searched through American Airlines and found a flight there for $99 and a return flight for $129 that both totally fit my schedule.

I have an adopted brother named Jorge who has family in Puerto Rico who might be a great asset to a vacation. And, of course, you don't need a passport, nor do you need to worry about customs.

And, I mean shit, who wouldn't want to go here:

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Christina on March 30, 2009 at 1:14 PM said...

honey.. you know that I´m on tour quite often, but I´m still full of wanderlust! I don´t know why it´s like that and how we can change it or if we even want to change it, but.. it´s there!
moving out and living alone´s a big step.. but.. no.. it doesn´t bet down your wanderlust at all.. at least not mine! ; )... if it´s to much - try to get a cheap flight to vienna and come and visit me! =) .. my couch is not as comfortable as your bed, but.. I guess you can deal sleeping on it for some days! ; )

ps: do you know that wanderlust´s a german word!?! ; ) .. wandern = hiking .. ; ) ..


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