Friday, March 3, 2017

McIntosh Baby Squirrel

Posted by Alison Soracchi at 7:30 AM
So ... JM rescued a baby squirrel yesterday. She'd fallen from a majestic oak in our yard during a storm, narrowly missing the hood of JM's car. She was soaked. He scooped her up, wrapped her in Dominic's scarf, and tried to clean her up. Meanwhile, I searched for the name and number of the squirrel guy from last September. JM put her on a heating pad in a basket, wrapped in the scarf and then I took her to work with me for the afternoon. When I did reach the squirrel guy (David), he was thankful we found her and happy to take over her care.
Susan, Dominic, and I took her to him last night after work. She's doing really well, is big for her age and seems quite healthy. He estimates she's about six weeks old - eyes are still closed, but he thinks they'll be open by the beginning of next week.

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