Thursday, June 1, 2017

Begin Again

Posted by Alison Soracchi at 5:13 PM

You know how when you get on a bike for the first time in years, you're a bit wobbly?

That's how it has felt every time I've tried to start this return blog.

I start drafting it, delete, and start again.

I think what might be best would be to write a quick entry about what I want to share. And then go from there.

Objective of reviving the blog: eventually I'd like to just find myself wanting to write about the experiences I have - big ones, small ones, whatever.

I think this time I won't write the recap entry that tells you all about what's happened since I last wrote. All of that stuff will eventually come up in context, it seems silly to drudge it all up in one lengthy blog. So what I'll do instead is start in the now.

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